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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center: Discover your potential... achieve your dreams

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Mission: Provide quality educational and employment services that challenge and inspire individuals to develop strong work skills and positive attitudes.

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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center’s Vision: Educate and prepare individuals for the demands of a global workplace.

What is RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center, what does it do, what is its history?

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center, a division of RESOURCE, has been providing effective career services since 1960 and focusing on the individuals who, despite barriers, are taking the initiative to reach their employment and self-sufficiency goals.

RESOURCE is a private, nonprofit, 501( c )3 organization that was founded to provide vocational evaluations for people with disabilities in the Twin Cities. Continuing with its mission of serving individuals with physical, sensory or mental health disabilities, RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center has opened its doors further to include immigrants, refugees, and individuals transitioning off of public assistance. Since its beginning in vocational evaluation, RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center has expanded its services to include assessments, accredited career education, placement and job retention services and provides services not only in Minneapolis (1960), but also St. Cloud (1990), and St. Paul (1998).

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center focuses on building the technical and interpersonal skills of its participants for their entrance into today’s competitive workplace. Along with community partnerships, RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center relies on the expertise of its 70+ business partners to assist with the development and enhancement of its services.

What services does RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center provide?

  • Assessment Services assist participants in identifying skill sets and potential career options through assessments, tests, community based assessments and related activities.
  • Career Education assists participants in gaining technical and interpersonal skills through its accredited training courses with curriculum developed by Minnesota businesses.
  • Employment Services assist participants in securing full or part-time employment through an individualized job search model.
  • Retention and Disability Services assist participants, once employed, in retaining and maintaining employment through a variety of worksite supports and accommodations.

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Click here for the RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Brochure (PDF format)

Click here for the RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Career Education Course Catalog (PDF format)

What makes RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center unique?

  • RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center utilizes the expertise of over 70 business partners to customize its training and education curriculum to fit the needs of Minnesota businesses and to offer the most time-efficient career training courses possible.
  • RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers a holistic training approach to its students that provides an employer-driven technical curriculum and extensive work-readiness training, including interpersonal and business skills and financial literacy.
  • RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers the business community pre-screened, highly skilled individuals for a wide variety of jobs in a range of career tracks including administrative support, PC tech/technical help desk, maintenance and custodial, operations, manufacturing, and healthcare support.

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