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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center: Discover your potential... achieve your dreams
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“It has been very rewarding to work with an agency that has positively affected the lives of so many in the community. The people at RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center are doing things every day to help their consumers find work or become more self-sufficient by improving their job skills. As a volunteer, I can provide the perspective of the employer in work readiness training and job placement. My company benefits from my relationship with RESOURCE, because it has been a successful source of qualified job seekers for our open positions.”

Patrick Stone, Wells Fargo

Our goal is to help businesses find skilled individuals who are ready to work. All of the participants served through RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center have barriers to employment but are able to work competitively. Looking for that right individual often takes time, but we are ready and waiting with a hidden pool of qualified job candidates. RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center stays involved with each individual placed for a period of 3-9 months to ensure that the placement works well for both your company and the employee.

Employers may also refer employees with disabilities to MRC to obtain the supports they need to do their jobs better. In addition, employers may refer employees to RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center for training or assessment services.

Employers who want to become more actively involved in the services RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers and with the participants served through MRC may join an elite group of employers called “RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Business Partners.” These members serve on one of two RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Business Partner Councils.

Click here for the MRC Twin Cities Work Readiness Session Calendar (PDF format)

For more information on business partner involvement or sending job leads, call Lena Balk at 612-752-8138 or Meghan Hanson at 612-752-8140.

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