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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center: Discover your potential... achieve your dreams
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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center serves individuals living with disabilities, those moving towards self-sufficiency and new Americans.

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center participants are referred for services by a “referral source” or someone who will ensure payment is made for services received. In the case of grant-funded projects or programs, participants may be referred or may self-refer for those services if they meet the project or program entrance criteria. It is also an option for a participant to self-pay for MRC services.

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Unique Features of RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Services

  • MRC is licensed as a private school by the State of Minnesota and is in candidacy for accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education. RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers accredited career education classes which focus on small class sizes and extensive one-to-one interaction with instructors.
  • RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers participants services that will assist them in achieving self-sufficiency and focuses on a holistic service model, meaning we work with both the professional and interpersonal growth of each individual served.
  • RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center works closely with the business community to ensure that its career education courses fit the needs of the changing Minnesota workplace. RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center has over 70 business partners who assist with developing curriculum, offering work readiness training courses, and assisting individuals with securing employment with career advancement.

Benefits of Participating in services at RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center

  • Participants receive individualized services by a highly skilled and effectively trained staff.
  • Participants receive a progress report monthly and at the end of each service completed.
  • Participants receive continuing education units for courses completed that may be converted to credits at some other state post-secondary schools that MRC has an articulation agreement with.
  • Participants will be followed by a RESOURCE staff person for an extended period of time to ensure the job is a good fit and to assist them with any job retention issues that may come up.
  • Participants will gain the exact skills needed in the current work place because RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Business Partners assist with the development of training curriculum.

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Career Education Catalog (PDF format)
RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Fees
RESOURCE Career Education Twin Cities Training Schedule (PDF format)

Click here for the RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Work Readiness Session Calendar (PDF format)

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